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World Trips

Best book on World Travel: Journeys of a lifetime : 500 of the world's greatest trips National Geographic Society

Let's all go see:

Six Rules for Taking Kids to Exotic Places

Daddy's Guide to Taking Good Photographs

Digital Trips

  • Second
  • Seeing the World in a Digital Way
  • 3,304 Pictures Across America by Matt Frondorf

    Maryland Trips

  • Cascade Lake
  • Maryland Science Center in Baltimore
  • National Aquarium in Baltimore
  • National Wildlife Refuges Near D.C.
  • Virginia's Delmarva Penninsula
  • Biking the Blackwater Maryland Wildlife Refuge
  • Camp Sites Near the Metro Area

    I'd like to do the whole C & O Canal bicycle ride with your mom again. The first time we did it. We left from Hancock, only about 125 miles. We missed out on the Paw Paw tunnel, and the first 60 miles. Better yet, lets take the The Great Allegheny Passage a 132-mile system of biking and hiking trails that connects Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD (and the C&O Canal Trail). for information on Allegheny Passage and the Pennsylvania Turnpike which we did in 2004.

    Let's go Flying

    Maryland Waterfalls

  • Cunningham Falls in Cunningham Falls State Park is about 2 hours away, though I do not consider this one to be very picturesque.
  • Swallow Falls SP is 4 hours away. It contains the highest falls in Md. Along with three others. Within 5 hours of DC are many areas that have many picturesque falls.
  • Black Water Falls in WV. The falls in Black Water run good year round
  • Shenandoha NP in Va. However, the falls in Shenandoha are best in the spring or after a big rain. Also on the way to Blackwater is a very picturesque falls located in Greenland Gap, Wv.

    Museum Trips

    We live in Washington, DC so I expect we'll be visiting a lot of museums as you grow up.
  • Udvar-Hazy museum and
  • Holocaust Museum, which we need tickets for.
  • Smithsonian Butterfly Habitat

    US Trips

    But those are big trips. For the little trips as a family, let's stay in the U.S. Here's a list of things I'd like us to see here:
  • The abandoned launch pads and blockhouses at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The Kennedy Space Center has a tour - Cape Canaveral: Then and Now. Nearby is
  • Seaworld, Disney World - we'll combine that with the Warner Brothers Studios
  • The Adirondak Mountains in New York. We'll combine that with... (next)
  • The Erie Canal

    The West

  • Hiking the Grand Canyon
  • Rafting the Grand Canyon
  • Beyond the Grand Canyon
  • Next is Lake Powell. We'll rent a house boat and spend a few days there. Hopefully we'll get there before 2021 when it drys up. Then...
  • Antelope Canyon, near Page, Arizona. And then nearby is...
  • Monument Valley both on the Navajo Reservation.
  • Kartchner Cave - A "living" cave South of Tucson, Arizona; the newest cave in the State Park System
  • Near the cave is a Ghost Town Train but there are better ghost towns we can visit later

  • 17 Roller Coasters in Cedar Point, Ohio
  • Zipping Through the Treetops in Pennsylvania
  • The Simple Life: Zen and Buddhist Monasteries
  • The Nuclear History Tour: Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Hanford, Washington Reactor B (Where the plutonium was made for the Nagasaki Bomb); Savannah River, North Carolina (In 1983, I took a guided tour of the Nevada Test Site (where my dad used to work) and the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Storage Site. It's worth going again.
  • List of National Historic Landmarks

    Travel For You

    Before you go to College or during a summer off
  • Hostelling International
  • American Youth Hostels Mom and Dad were members of this in 2001
  • Eurail Pass
    The best memories of my life (that is before you came into my life) are of camping and hiking. Several times each summer my parents would take me to Mt. Charleston to picnic and hike. And usually once or twice a year we would drive to a quarter acre of property they'd bought near Cedar City, Utah. Dad had planned to build a vacation cabin there, purchased the blueprints, cleared out an area, and had dug the holes for the foundation. But my mom, suffered from high altitude sickness which became worse as she got older, so the cabin never was completed. I loved the place. It was near an old volcano and you could explore the old lava flows

    We'd also have one multi-week family vacation each summer.

    Ian Jordan and I took a summer trip to the Rocky Mountains and traveled through Arches National Park, Hiked barefoot over the rocks to Pikes Peak
  • Zion
  • Backpacked the Northern part of Zion with Maureen
  • Hoover Dam

    You can see some of my best memories captured on slides.

    You'll see more stars than you ever imagined if you can find a place far away from the city lights.

    Where Have I been?

    (dates are approximate within a year or two)
  • Arizona (1963)- born there and stayed until I was six months old, until my mom took me to Las Vegas on my first (jet?) plane ride.
  • Nevada (1963-1985, 1987, 1990-1991) - where I grew up
  • Missouri (1965) - second jet trip with mom to Worstell Family Reunion (50th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. Utah - Zion there
  • California (1968) - Disneyland. Five years old. I still remember flying on Dumbo with my mom.
  • California (August 1972) - Family Vacation - rode the Skunk Railroad Fort Bragg to Willits
  • Oregon, (1972, - Jerry's Jet Boats
  • Death Valley, California (1974) - with Jerry Parr, my best friend
  • Colorado, Idaho, Montana (1975)- Crater's of the moon, Glacier Lake Victoria a turquise blue lake. Saw real glaciers, Dinosaur National Monument (see the huge map I have with dinosaur and humans drawn to scale)
  • Wyoming (1975) - Family vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons
  • Canada (1975) - Glacier National Park (Banf) which overlaps between Canada and the U.S. There was a blue lake and I saw my first Planetarium show. Loved it! And the glaciers were huge!
  • Boulder City, Nevada (1977) - Learned to fly sailplanes. One five-hour flight, one flight with over 10,000 foot altitude gain.
  • Grand Canyon (1977) - Scenic Airline flight over Grand Canyon. Sat in co-pilots seat, but after resting my feet on rudder pedals, pilot asked me to take them off.
  • Carlsbad Caverns & Texas (1978) - Most of the time in Hobbs, New Mexico across the border to Texas in chasing after Russ Buchanan sailplane (see sticker on my/your door) at the airfield we use we saw the huge radio telescopes being built for the VLA in Socorro, New Mexico.
  • Beaver, Utah (1982) - Mark Kramer, my best friend, drove his Camero and I went along. Don't remember why he wanted to go here.
  • Hoover Dam and Colorado River (1984) - Down the Colordo River with Geri Ward. Photograped Hoover Dam. met her in Craig Walton's Philosophy class
  • Grand Canyoon (Spring 1983) - Backpacked down into the Canyon and Havasupi Village with UNLV hiking club. A pack train of burros passed us by bringing supplies to the Indians that live there, only medicine and mail come by helicopter.
  • California, (Lone Pine, Big Pine, Yosemite, Mamoth Lake) - Steve Parker, UNLV Political Science teacher told me about the Sierra Nevada's with thousands of little mountain lakes. Backpacked by myself. best times were hiking
  • Rocky Mountains, Arches N.P. (1985) with Ian Jordan, Chess Master. He played a chess game while driving without looking at the board. I lost!
  • New Mexico (1988) - Four corners, Anasazi Ruins, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon
  • Illinois (1985-86) - graduate studies in Political Science at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois. When I arrived there, I stayed in a YMCA and almost got into a fight with a guy that kept banging the door. I stuffed a piece of toilet paper into edge so it wouldn't bang and he removed it. After I had my apartment on Greenleaf Ave. almost got into a fight with the neighbor who lived below me. She had a fellow who visited her and she had loud music too often. So one morning I jumped rope above her. A man came up and demanded I open the door. I refused. Romanian Managers who had escaped.
  • Michigan (1986, 2000) - with Ethan Cosgriff in 1986 to the Upper Penninsula, Lake Superior (drove a stick shift for 1st time) and once in 2000 with the EPA visited Fang, and Angela's husband.
  • Nevada (1989) - Back again became a professor at Clark County Community College in North Las Vegas (taught history) and Henderson (taught political science)
  • Arizona, Colorado (1987) - with Ian Jordan through Arches then Pikes Peak
  • Washington, DC (1989) - Where I went after my Master's Degree in Political Science. Stayed with Ian Jordan in his Idaho Terrace Apartment. We watched the Berlin Wall crumble and communism collapse. Our standard greeting was, "Any countries collapse today?" Also, bicycled to Maryland along the Rock Creek Park Trail.
  • Washington, 1990) - with UNLV Econ
  • Iowa (1990 - 1997) - Iowa State University
  • Bus ride from Las Vegas to Iowa (1993) Thought it would be an interesting experience and save money. It was. Bus ran out of gas! Driver had no radio or cell phone to call for help. Had to walk to a pay phone. Fortunately, we were in a city and a bus came within a few hours to pick us up. Strange people travel by bus. One fellow passenger had a habit of clean the restroom sinks every time we stopped.
  • Missouri (1994) - with Koji Kondo (japan) for Worstell Family reunion. Visited James Worstell Farm. Went for bicycle ride 20 years before I tried to ride a unicyle they had.
  • Wind Cave & Mount Rushmore (1994) - with Tzu-Ling, also saw Corn Palace.
  • New York (1995) - AmTrak train ride to visit Mike Green at Columbia University in New York City. All the windows were dirty including the observation car. Traveled through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Saw the Statue of Liberty and my first Broadway Play - Les Miserables. Mike had to lie about an uncle he knew that could get cheap tickets, otherwise I wouldn't have gone! Tickets were $40 or more.
  • Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park (1995) with Tzu-Ling
  • Minnesota (1995) - Mall of America with Tzu-Ling and her sister
  • South Dakota (1995) - Mount Rushmore with Tzu-Ling, we passed through Kansas, is that where the "Corn Palace" is?
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (1995) - Job conference at the ASSA meetings
  • San Francisco (1995) - Job conference at the ASSA meetings. Walked onto the Golden Gate Bridge and Visited Alcatraz- first time in jail!
  • Iowa City (1996) - Six months at the Univ. of Iowa Hospital
  • Toronto or Quebec, Canada (1997) - Job conference at the ASSA meetings
  • New Hampshire (1997-1998)- visiting professor at University of New Hampshir, Durham.
  • Boston, Massachusets (1998) - drove to Mass General to visit a doctor. Really stupid. Didn't know why me foot was draining. bone chips
  • Washington, DC (1998) - Job at EPA lived next door at Marina View Towers
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1999) - first by bus to EPA confence with Ed Brandt
  • Virginia - to Jamestown with Karen Nguyen
  • New York (1999) - Visited a friend of Karen Nguyen's
  • Virginia (2000), - with Glen Gillis for bicyling
  • San Diego (2000) - Mom and Dad, before we were mom and dad, to Helena's genetics conference - went sailing
  • Kentucky, West Virgina, (2001) - with Helena for Worstell Family Reunion
  • Pennsylvania (2001)- Intercourse with Helena and some Amish Bicycling in town of the same name
  • Florida (2002) - Our Wedding in Key West, scuba diving
  • Maryland (2001) - Our first house, 11520 Joseph Mill Road.
  • White House (2004) - with Helena and members of her lab. We bicycled down and were kicked out of the White House because we left the panniers on our bikes.


  • Maryland (2002) - You were born at the Maternity Center in Bethesda, Maryland
  • Virginia (2003) - Claude Moore Colonial Farm
  • Washington, D.C. (2003) - We bicycled down to the National Mall for an exposition of college student designed energy efficient houses.
  • Lake Needwood (2003, 2004, 2005) - Bicyled there with Annabelle
  • Maryland (2003) - Eastern shore, Saint Michaels, ferry ride, play in Chesapeake Bay, Bike ride with Ed Brandt, purchased ceramic alligator and frog now outside our front door.
  • Pennsylvania Turn Pike (2004) A family of three visiting the abandoned section of the Penn. Turnpike and a bicylce ride through a mile long tunnel in the dark!
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (2004) - to Visit my mother. The cat was scared of you
  • Delaware (2006) - visited Katherine, went tent camping on a leaking air mattress, took a ferry ride to visit a famous fort
  • Arkaansas (Oklahoma); July 2006 - We all went there for the Worstell Reunion/Memorial
  • Pennsylvania (2006) - Railroad musuem for a steam train ride.

    Want to Travel?

    Youth Hostels are popular, but now something even cheaper -- couches are free. See the story in March 11, 2007 Washington Post "Divan Intervention" by Terry Ward

    Avoid red-eye flights unless you can fall asleep easier. I tried it once. I couldn't sleep and it ruined my whole day.


  • Taiwan
  • California - 12 years old
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Europe (2000) Italy, France, England, Switzerland
  • San Diego (2001)
  • Nevada, Arizona (2000-01) New Years Fireworks in Las Vegas with Keith. Then a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Drove to Grand Canyon then drove back, too expensive, but she saw the sky covered with stars.
  • Long Beach (2005)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (2006)

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