Daddy's Tips for Better Photography

Know Basic Principles of Photography - shutter speed, lens aperature, "film" speed, exposure, focus, backlighting, flash distance - and how each affects picture.


If the light is behind them (in front of a window) or on a sunny day under a tree with shadows and sun moving about their face.
Solution: In both cases, use the flash to brighten the faces.

People Pictures

  • Get close, or use the zoom. Fill the picture with their face.
  • Ask them to do something funny, or make a funny face
  • Blur the background (large lens opening needed)
  • Make sure the background is plain so it doesn't distract from the person.

    Landscape Pictures

  • Take a look at the pictures in National Geographic Magazine. Pictures don't get better than these!
  • Use a small lens opening so you can get objects close to you and far away from you in focus
  • Move around - try several angles

    I learned about photography from Kodak's Guide to 35 mm Photography.  It's still in my library.

    On-Line Guides to Taking Better Photographs

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