Six Rules for Taking Kids to Exotic Places

Washington Post

Sunday, January 6, 2008; P06

1. Keep it simple. Stay in various places, at least three or four days at each location, and build the day around one major event.

2. Travel light. Every child should have his or her own backpack for personal stuff. Anything that doesn't fit in the backpack doesn't go on the trip.

3. Try to find hotels with swimming pools for cooling off in the afternoon.

4. Go with the flow. Few things will happen on schedule, and problems will always emerge. Keep smiling and make it an adventure for your kids -- though they will always be fascinated if you have an occasional well-timed blow-up.

5. Bring a jar of peanut butter (to coat anti-malaria pills and for emergency food).

6. Always carry travel packs of toilet paper and antibacterial gel. Bathroom facilities will be a constant subject of conversation.

-- G.K.