Dorothy Sargent

Murdered Dec. 8(?) 2005

help me solve this case!

My mother was murdered in her
home at 2212 Isabelle Avenue
and the detectives have bungled
her case.

We are offering a reward of $10,000
So,  if  you  know anything  about her
murder,  please  call  or  e-mail  me.

Or to remain anonymous, call
Secret Witness 385-5555

Metro has been clueless for:  

9 years, 37 weeks, and 4 days

  • 6 months to process fingerprints
  • 10 1/2 months to process DNA
  • No suspects
  • No leads
  • And not much effort

With 1st grandchild in 2003

Thanksgiving 2005

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Reward Offer

Metro Defectives

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How to Reach Me

  • Send E-mail to:
  • you can also reach me at (202) 566-2276 during the day.


Last Updated: August 19, 2015