Relationships at Work    

You'll spend 1/3 of your life sleeping and 1/3 working, so make sure you enjoy your job. (Look for a job that will pay you for sleeping). That may not be easy with your first jobs, but first jobs, life first dates and first boyfriends will come and go quickly. They are your way of learning what you like.

In any case, working with people you like, will make summer jobs, part-time jobs, or any job much more enjoyable.

Therefore, as in school learning how to make friends, and learning how to be a friend is one of the most important skills you should develop.

I've heard some bosses will scream, yell, or insult you. I've never had that happen to me.

Be aware that in order to get to the top, some people will step on you as they climb.

Very few people will tell you to your face that they plan to cause trouble, or stab you in the back. Instead you will find out long after they've gone behind your back. The best won't give any clue, before you find a knife sticking in your back.

In many cases, your work will be like middle school and high school all oer again. In high school and business cliques exist, and it will be impossible for you to get in most of them