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Without a belief in a personal god, or an afterlife, I'm not looking forward to my death. It's the last thing I want to do :-) I don't expect there to be anything after this world; I won't see my mom or dad again, so there's no reason for me to learn to play the harp or learn how to cope with excess heat.


The only requests I have are:
  1. Send the embroderied picture of the girl reading (on the basement wall) to in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She created it for my mother when she lived with her but has never visited D.C. to pick it up... Never mind. She moved to North Carolina and didn't send me her e-mail. She doesn't care. But you can find her on Facebook, Angela Molnar Davison.
  2. Hire Barry Korb to be the financial advisor and trustee for Timmy and Annabelle.

  3. Send the $20,000 proceeds of the Lincoln life insurance policy to the ISU Foundation to increase the value of the Keith Sargent Scholarship for the disabled. My goal was to make it a full scholarship.

  4. Remember that there is a Fidelity Sargent Family Charitable Trust of about $20,000. You can continue to distribute money from it to your favorite charities, add to it, or give it all to one or more

    For information on how to choose good charities: collects 990 forms Here are the charities I've chosen to support with a $25 contribution each month:

    • The Carter Center
    • Doctors Without Borders, USA
    • Human Rights Watch
    • Natural Resources Defense Council
    • Greenpeace
    Some other worthy charities:
    • Grameen Foundation USA
    • National Alliance to End Homelessness
    • Public Citizen Foundation
    • American Civil Liberties Union Foundation
    • Brother's Brother Foundation
    • CARE
    • Chesapeake Bay Trust
    • The Conservation Fund
    • Public Citizen Foundation
    • The Shade Tree
    • Taxpayers for Common Sense
    • Unitus
    • Wildlife Alliance
    Book, Beatrice's Goat - When people ask how they can help in the fight against poverty, there are a thousand good answers, from sponsoring a child to supporting a grass-roots organization through (I?ve listed specific suggestions on my blog,, and on

  5. Tell Mike Green in Las Vegas that he's the best friend anyone could have. I am very lucky I met him. The same goes to Todd Sandler, my major professor at University of Texas at Dallas. E-mail them at: and

If there's no hope of my recovery, I don't wish to have my life prolonged. If my mind is not functioning, I don't wish my body to be kept alive. I would prefer a quick end, not some long drawn out affair, full of tubes, harsh lighting in a hospital room by myself hooked up to machines making lots of noise.

When I leave this earth, I don't care what you do with my body. Cremate me, scatter my ashes, keep them, or put them into a concrete artificial reef with other ashes and bury them at sea - there's a company that does that. I love to scuba dive and wish I could do it more often. It's nice to imagine that I would be underwater supporing fish and coral.CNN Story on Eternal Reefs

If I live long enough to see both of you grow up happy and healthy with good jobs, a good marriage, and healthy children, I can't ask for more than that. Okay, I can ask for more than that. I'd like to have time to finish the books I've started and see them published. I'd like to go to Hawaii and see the volcano's erupting at night (you could scatter my ashes there), I'd like to scuba dive in a beautiful coral setting - Indonesia, Great Barrier Reef, Cozomel, Aruba, and finally visit the Mayan ruins. If I can do all those things, I'll have lived a full life.

I won't care if you have a memorial service or not. And if you do, I won't care what you do at it. But if you want to know what I would like, then for the music, play some Baroque music. I'm quite fond of Bach, and I love chamber music. If you want some readings, take something from the Tao of Pooh, the Tao te Ching, and some Buddist readings from the little orange book, teachings of Buddah. Forget the flowers. Take up a collection so you can rent a 1974, 75, 76, 77, 78 Lemon Yellow Corvette. Have it parked outside and let people get their pictures taken with it. Those were the best years, and I always wanted one. If you don't want me creamated, then put me in it and take my picture.

Serve orange juice and 7-Up, Reeses peanut butter cups. If you can find Reeses peanut butter serve some peanut butter with Smucker's Red Rasberry preserve sandwiches, and milk.

I love to fly and I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and see the volcanoes. So take a trip there and scatter my ashes in an active volcano. But watch your step! Or put me in some concrete and make me part of a coral reef in Florida.

Again, you don't have to do any of this stuff. But if I were there, I'd enjoy it.

If Mike Green wants to come out to talk, he's the one I want. Be sure to pay for his flight 1st class with his wife in a great hotel. If Angela Davidson, Tzu-Ling Huang, or Karen would like to say something, I'd love to listen.

If you want to read something at my death, and anyone from EPA comes, I'd like them to know that all-in-all it was pretty miserable working there, and I never figured out why I was hired because I wasn't given much to do and no one cared. When I did find things I liked to do, I was given no support and they were taken away from me. It was my idea to have brown bag seminars. I received no support and the idea died. I went off to serve on a grand jury for six weeks, when I came back the job of organizing the brown bags had been given to a new employee and received the support of Al McGartland, and became popular.

Even if it was my personality that caused a problem, I deserved to be told why the role had been given to someone else. The same thing happened earlier when I first came to NCEE. I set out to improve our website and create an intranet website, but received no support. Both were taken from me and given to someone else. After several months had passed with no word, I asked Brett who said Al felt I should be spending my time doing something else. So, he felt this way but didn't tell me. And it took me several months to find out because I asked? And then there was the ecological benefits group. I thought the meetings had stopped, it turned out they were still going on, but Nicole Owens had removed my name from the list, but no told me. If my personality is a problem, tell me. Don't go behind my back and make me wonder. That's simple courtesy and respect that everyone is entitled to. If no one tells you there's a problem, how will you ever find out.

But really there's no need for any of this, because I'm not there. Do it, only if you want to.

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