Buying a Car    

Perhaps I can buy a new car and give you my old one. If I am rich and want to spoil you, I'll buy you a new car for you 16th birthday, but I doubt if I'll do that. (Unless you buy your own insurance!)

Why don't I want to do that? Because I'm afraid for your life. In a teenager's life the most dangerous time is driving. More parents loose their children that way than any other accident. We love you too much, so we don't want to make it easy for you to loose your life. We don't want you to ride with anyone else either. The more teenagers in a car, the more likely it is to crash (2x for two and 4x for three or more!).

In addition:

  • Inexperience
  • Alcohol
  • Distraction - texting, cell phones
  • Night

    These are the reasons insurance is so expensive for teenagers. They are the most likely to be involved in accidents.

    Remember, if you ever feel uncomfortable about driving, or riding with someone else, call me, and I will stop whatever I am doing and come pick you upAnd please don't ride with someone if there is another passenger.

    Here's a story about a police officer that lost his own child to a car crash. It takes only one second to loose your life.

    Proms, graduations and teen crashes: The worst season for police official and father

    If it's difficult to use the bus, and dangerous to ride a bike to where you need to go, a car may be necessary. I'd start with a good used car. The best to buy are those sold in May and December by foreign graduate students returning home after their studies have ended. Second, classified ads, or Craig's List . Whatever you do, don't buy from a used car salesman, although CarMax might be an exception.

    And get a used car loan from your bank, don't use the financing provided by the car company. If that's a condition for buying the car or getting a good price, say "see you later." You'll be surprised how fast that will change their minds.

    Use Edmunds. Blue book value. Great websites out their to learn the price of used cars

    Three Things to Look For (in order)

    1. Safety
    2. Gas Mileage
    3. Price
    4. Looks (Color, Style)

    Tricks of the trade

    Sure wish my mom and I had known these tricks car dealers use before we bought a new car after my dad died.

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    Buying a new car

    See consumer reports and learn what the dealer paid for the car.

    What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

    Market for Lemons - "Why you can never buy a good used car" book title

    You can, but you have to be careful, buy from someone who's graduating. Buy from a friend, or a neighbor so you'll know the reason they want to sell it.