Booze and Drugs



My parents didn't drink, and I didn't like the smell of alcohol or beer, so I was never tempted. My dad had a cabinet of liquor bottles, all full that he kept to give to friends as gifts. My mom and dad never drank anything stronger than tea. My dad did have a coke habit but it was an occasional bottle of Coke. After my first or second parachute jump, maybe 15, they said I had to have a beer. I took one sip and spit it out. It tasted terrible. Sometime in college I think I was told there were other drinks and I may have had a margarita, a Pina Colado, and a wine cooler. I liked the wine cooler, and the margarita and pina colado were tolerable, but I didn't think they were much better than orange juice, lemonade, or my all time favorite drink - a slurpee. Besides they were more expensive and only available when you went out to eat or to a bar. I didn't like spending money, didn't like going out to eat and didn't like the smell of smoke in bars.

After I turned 21 and started my first real job - computer operator and SAIC in Vegas, one of the fellows I worked with thought I should learn. In order to fit in at Grad school I wanted to be able to drink beer without making a face After a few drinks I may have felt something but it was moslty depression -- alchol is a depressent. I learned to tolerate beer, but I never liked it.

At graduate school, I tried some vodka, and some other type of brown liquor. Horrible stuff!

In a teenager's life the most dangerous time is driving. More parents loose their children that way than any other accident. We love you too much, so we don't want to make it easy for you to loose your life. We don't want you to ride with anyone else either. The more teenagers in a car, the more likely it is to crash (2x for two and 4x for three or more!).

In addition:

  • Inexperience
  • Alcohol
  • Distraction - texting, cell phones
  • Night

    These are the reasons insurance is so expensive for teenagers. They are the most likely to be involved in accidents.

    Remember, if you ever feel uncomfortable about driving, or riding with someone else, call me, and I will stop whatever I am doing and come pick you upAnd please don't ride with someone if there is another passenger.

    Here's a story about a police officer that lost his own child to a car crash. It takes only one second to loose your life.

    Proms, graduations and teen crashes: The worst season for police official and father


    I've never tried drugs. Never interested. Well, maybe I was interested, but only if they were under medical supervision in a controlled experiment. Without that you don't know what's in them. You know that people have died from them, right? And I wasn't interested in taking that chance. As far as marajuana, I hated the smell of cigarette smoke, so I knew I wouldn't want to smoke that. Once when I visited some parachtests in Utah. I smelled a horrible smell in a pot full of ash, I learned later it must have been MJ.

    After my stay in the hospital, I lost all interest in trying drugs because I got some of the strongest mind altering drugs that people pay lots of money for. They were for pain control, and I could control the dosage by pressing a button. The same pain killers people got addicted to in Vietnam. (I'll find the name, later). Anyway, I don't like the way it affected my mind. I couldn't think clearly. So I tried to see how much pain I could stand before pressing the button.

    hepatitius -- oh that's from drugs, and some others I don;t remember.

    Bottom Line

    If you want to think clearly, don't take drugs. The obvious reason not to take drugs is they are against the law. I'm all in favor of taking the laws off drugs. It's like prohibition, society would be better off without it. But since it's illegal, you could be arrested and since you can't use the FDA to check for purity or quality they are dangerous.
    MJ maybe. but remember, the only reason to take it is to alter your mind. and I treasure the ability to think clearly.

    Beer - Someday, if you're interested, I'll buy a can and let you have it. It tastes terrible. The wrong time to drink is because you are forced to or everyone else is doing. Kind of like sex - if it's not your decision, it's wrong and will probably end up badly.

    Last updated: July 30, 2006