1. How were people saved before Jesus died for your sins? If I lived in China or Egypt (or anywhere) in the year 500 bce, how would accepting Christ as my savior apply to me? Few knew about the laws of moses to atone for sins and millions lived and died before moses (if he even existed), so how did all this work for all these people all over the world a long time ago?

2. If the bible is the word of god and the only source of truth, what did people have before the invention of the printing press or before the bible was written at all? We know that people lived before the bible was written, so how can the bible be the only and ultimate source of truth for all of mankind when so many people could not have possibly had it?

(The usual response to this is that God wants his creations to have free will, but of course that raises the question as to why God seems to value the free will of a murderer over the free will of the victim.)

1) Do you believe that it is possible for an atheist to be an ethical responsible person? That is, would you agree that it is possible that I am as good a person as you? Do you believe that it is reasonable to think that a loving, just, sophisticated god would think it good to send me to hell simply for not worshipping Jesus based on the word of other people that I should do so?

2) Do you worship Greek gods? do you worship the Roman pantheon? Do you worship Aztec gods? Neither do I. I simply worship one less god than you.

3) Did the Aztecs know of Jesus? Did the Australian aborigines know of Jesus? Did the pre-Christian Greeks?Did people that spent thousands of years believing in their own traditional, familial, cultures, communities and religions go to hell? Whole societies and families for multiple generations for the bulk of human history?

4) >We didn't come from a chimpanzee!<

No, that isn't what anyone credible says. Chimpanzees and humans came from a shared ancestor. Perhaps that was part of God's plan, but that appears to be what science tells us happened...

5) Do you believe that the Bible was written by human beings? If I wrote a New Bible, and told you I had spoken to God and that He inspired it, would you believe me? Why not? What would it take for you to believe that I have special instructions for you from God?

6) Is god supernatural? So it would be fair to say that you believe in the supernatural? Do you believe in leprechauns also? Why not?

7)Do you believe in the supernatural because it appears to be true, or because you desire for it to be true and that life would be better if it were true?

If we are to asssume that any god exists it certainly would make it a horrible manufacturer. Creating all the waste. All the people in the past who didnt believe and all the people who dont now. Litterally 10s of billions of people that were made simply to burn.

If Creationism is true, how come there's still monkeys?

If Creationism is true, how come there's still dirt? Why do you believe in God?

How did you rule out the other religions?

I don't have faith. Where or how do I get it? (I've read the bible, and this becomes readily apparent to them at once, should they choose to go there.)