ABC's of the Lemonade Stand Business

    *     A recipe for your lemonade (what ingredients will you use?),
    *     A name for  your lemonade - "Annabelle's Ice-Cold Lemonade",
    *     What price will you sell the lemonade for?
    *     What supplies do you need? (water, glasses, ice, lemonade ingredients, containers to hold the lemonade, the ice, a money box with some change)
    *     How will you keep your hands clean?  Who will handle the money?  Who will make the lemonade?
    *     How much money do you need to buy the ingredients and other supplies you need to get started?
    *     How will you get people to try your product? -  Free samples? Signs? Advertising?
    *     A focus groups can help you test your product to make sure it tastes good (when will they buy it, how much will they pay, size of serving and packaging)
    *     What should your stand look like? How will you build it?

    *     What are your hours of operation? (When will you open and close?)
    *     Who will set up the stand? Who will make the lemonade?  Who will sell it?  Who will put the stand away?
    *     How will the weather can effect your business?
    *     Where will you put your stand to attract customers, and keep them moving safely and quickly?
    *     What is your sales pitch?  - what you  will say to customers as they approach your stand?

    *     Are there laws controlling business in your area? Do you need permits or some type of license to sell lemonade?
    *     It's not safe to be alone  (You may want to operate your lemonade stand during a yard sale, or a soccer game, when adults can be near by).
    *     What's your plan to keep people from stealing your money, your ingredients, or a glass of lemonade without paying for it?
    *     If you are using real lemons that need to be cut, have an adult cut them or train you on how to do it (we don't want you to cut your fingers!).

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